16 April 2020

How to Buy the Best Secure HP Laptop

Living in the age of information, it does not come as a surprise when new threats to your data and identity crop up every other day. The modern laptops are undoubtedly armed with formidable security provisions that protect your device from the majority of the risks. But, is your laptop really as secure as you think? In a bid to secure data from high-tech attacks, there is one threat that is so absurdly low-tech and simple that it is often overlooked – visual hacking.

HP has sought to counter this threat by reinforcing their laptops with the revolutionary Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen.

How does HP Sure View Work?

With the workplaces going mobile, employees can work anywhere including communal areas like coffee shops and public transport. It is easy enough for a peeping tom to look over your shoulder and take note of your confidential information like login credentials and bank account details.

Whenever you feel someone being nosey, you can simply activate the integrated privacy screen with the touch of a button. This immediately dims up to 95% of visible light, making it nearly impossible for anyone other than the user to see the screen at an angle. Once the privacy screen is disabled, the visibility of the screen will be restored to the normal brightness.

The laptops from HP EliteBook series are equipped with the Sure View protection, and is said to extend to devices beyond laptops as well. With them, you can be assured that no one can steal your data when you are least expecting it.

Conclusion –

Visual hacking is a threat that cannot be ignored. It might sound surprising, but the success rate of this hack is a whopping 91%! The HP Sure View is an ingenious