14 April 2020

Which Security Features Should You Prioritize in a Business Laptop

As the threats to data security are continuing to evolve rapidly, business owners are increasingly giving priority to the security features of a laptop. They have realized that merely anti-virus softwares are not enough to protect confidential business information that resides on an employee's laptop.

However, there many laptops are available in the market, each with their own set of security features. It can get confusing for a business owner to keep a track of all the technical terminologies and select the laptop that will fit their security requirements.

Here, we have listed out the security features you will want to have in your business laptop, along with their importance -

Biometric Security Features
Biometric authentication allows you to protect the device using your own physical attributes. Most laptops typically use fingerprint scanners and facial recognition features for this purpose. Thus, any attacker will find it extremely difficult to physically breach the device. For added security, choose a laptop that offers multi-factor authentication, i.e., has two or more levels of biometric protection.

Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)
Along with password protected hard drives, SEDs are also essential to safeguard your data in case it ever gets lost or stolen. Plus, they are also a lot faster at encryption data than software-based encryption techniques.

Pre-boot Authentication
With this feature, you can not only have a Windows log-in password, but you can also set up a password immediately after the laptop is started and before the OS boots. This is an essential security feature that protects you from attacks that take advantage to breach a device that does not use its primary storage drive to boot.

Self-healing BIOS
This is possibly the most important security feature in a business laptop. If your BIOS is attacked, a lot of crucial data is at stake, and the entire system can crash. A self-healing BIOS, as the name suggests, can not only automatically detect malware attacks but also recover from them.

If you are wondering which laptop can provide such security features, your answer lies in the HP EliteBook series. The sophisticated business Notebooks, counted among HP's most secure, can provide all these and even more security provisions. Get in touch with Cache Peripherals to buy HP EliteBook in Hyderabad.