07 April 2020

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft While Working Remotely

Identity theft has always been a major problem for many years. However, this threat increases exponentially while you are travelling, either for business or vacation. Moreover, many businessmen and employees tend to work on their laptops while they are travelling. In case of identity theft, a lot of confidential data of the organization they work for is also put at risk along with their personal data.

Thus, it is essential that you take precautionary measures to protect not only yourself, but also your organization from potential harm.

Let us see how you can prevent identity theft while traveling -

Be careful while packing

Keep only one or two credit cards in your purse, and do not carry items like checkbook and library cards if you do not require them. Keep all the personal documents in a folder and carry them in your personal bag. Do not put them into your check-in luggage. If you are bringing a laptop make sure it is password protected, and do not leave it unattended in any circumstances.

Do not mention your travel plans on social media
You cannot be sure that the plans you post on social media will only stay limited to your family and friends. A malicious party might keep a track of your plans and misuse the information.

Try to avoid using public Wi-Fi
We all love using free Wi-Fi, but it is easy for hackers to listen in on the public networks. Even the passwords of protected networks can be easily obtained. As far as possible, do not use public networks for any important transactions.

Protect yourself from visual hacking
Even if you take all the necessary precautions, an attacker might simply read confidential information over your shoulder while you are working! The HP EliteBook business Notebooks protects you from such visual attacks with the help an integrated privacy screen. It blocks the view of the person who tries to read the screen from the sides. You can contact the Cache Peripherals, one of the best HP stores in Hyderabad, for more information on HP EliteBook series.