16 March 2020

HP EliteBook 800 Series Upgraded, but lightweight all the same !

HP EliteBook 800 Series Upgraded, but lightweight all the same !

The all-aluminum EliteBook comes across as HP’s best-seller; as far as business laptops are concerned. So, one shouldn’t be surprised if 800 series gets upgraded for 850 G5, 840 G5, and 830 G5; apart from numerous other improvements over initial EliteBook 850 G4, 840 G4, and 820 G4. They do feature “under-body” docking station connectors for supporting legacy HP peripherals in which businesses have invested since the past few generations.

As of now, one of the factors on which HP is banking is “Thunderbolt Docking Stations”. They are becoming a common ground in the business environments. Thunderbolt 3 has already taken consumer notebooks by storm. Based on this success, HP has gone ahead with inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 in 800 series and promoting usage with HP’s own Thunderbolt 3 docking station.

HP is emphasizing on reduced side bezels all across the range; even though top bezel hasn’t shrunk due to placement of webcam and sensors. The purpose of doing this is that you could participate in the video conference calls without letting others look up. In spite of reduced bezels; there has been no compromise on weight; i.e. the weight remains the same. Displays are also available in customized form. The matte option has been reported to have higher brightness as compared to the previous generation.

The overall battery capacity has also been increased on 850 G5 and 830 G5 – around 10% on 850 G5 and 2% on 830 G5. HP Fast Charge is still in place; which makes way for around 50% charge in merely 30 minutes. It’s a vital feature for the business travelers who have momentary access to the power outlets in shared workspaces, conference rooms, cafes, and airports.