11 September 2019

EliteBook BIOS

Protecting your HP EliteBook BIOS

BIOS, or genuinely placed the tool firmware, is a set of PC instructions in firmware which control the input and output operations of the machine. Thus, it's far a totally appealing goal for cyber attackers. The cyber-assaults which are getting common day-by means of-day, it is very easy that you would possibly leave out a risk or for your BIOS without problems!

HP knows the need to protect your BIOS, and for this reason it devised the innovative solution HP Sure Start.

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HP Sure Start automatically detects, stops, and recovers from a BIOS assault or corruption without any IT involvement. It additionally interrupts the person very less and does now not avoid user productiveness. Each time the EliteBook boots, this feature validates the integrity of the firmware code to make sure that the gadget is protected from spiteful attacks. Once the EliteBook is functioning, the run-time intrusion detection continuously video display units memory.

HP Sure Start is HP’s matchless and progressive technique to provide superior firmware safety and robustness for HP EliteBooks. The function makes use of hardware enforcement via the HP Endpoint Security Controller (HP ESC) to provide fortification of the BIOS that reaches properly beyond the enterprise compliance and guarantees that the machine will best boot Genuine HP BIOS. Also, if HP Sure Start detects any anomaly or tampering with BIOS, firmware, or runtime System Management Mode (SMM) BIOS code, it could get better with a backup reproduction.

Thus, you may continually be sure that your EliteBook protection will not be compromised thru your BIOS. This characteristic is furnished throughout the entire 2018 EliteBook product line.

With a wide variety in EliteBook series, you may be sure that there is always one version created for your commercial enterprise requirements.

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