11 September 2019

HP EliteBook x360

Take Your HP EliteBook x360 for a Spin!

The experts are more and more working in a 24*7 and in mobile surroundings. They are constantly at the pass and so must be their gadgets. HP diligently identified the need and brought an innovative product inside the marketplace – The HP EliteBook x360. It moves and turns consistent with your comfort. It has 5 modes which assist you place it to your surroundings. The 5 modes are Tent, Media, Conference, Tablet, and Laptop.

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Let’s see how and when these five modes can be implemented.

Laptop mode

Though it is very light and thin, it offers you all of the full-fledged features of a laptop. Now, you don’t have to change from one device to some other for your distinctive kind of needs.

Tablet mode

Transform this enterprise notebook into a slender and light tablet to stay related all the time. It is the thinnest and lightest pocket book and may effortlessly turn 360 degrees to give you a tablet’s feel. You don’t need to hold a separate tablet whilst you are on the run.

Conference mode

Lay this Notebook absolutely flat for entire collaboration and conferencing experience. With top notch audio and twin microphones, this mode may be utilized to the fullest. Instead of moving round your PC to make it seen to anyone, just lay it down like a paper!

Media mode

Bring display to the front for an ideal for streaming content and video. This mode lets you watch movies or study a book conveniently. It is ideal when you don’t have to edit or work on the content material you are looking at.

Tent mode

Swing into tent mode to share PPTs or video. In this mode, the PC stands on its edges, which facilitates better and entire view. A complete-display mode experience makes it less difficult to share the facts together with your colleagues or people around.


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